Automotive Tips from Charlie's Fast Lube Dexter: Where Should New Tires Be Placed

February 28, 2021

When Dexter drivers need to replace tires, they need to know how many they should get and on which axle they should be placed. Replacing a damaged tire may leave you with three others with significant wear, which could affect your traction control, stability control and anti-lock brake systems.If... More

Emergency! (Vehicle Emergency items)

February 21, 2021

"I never expected it could happen to me." Countless drivers have said that after they've had an emergency turn their lives upside down. So before that happens to you, let's thinking about planning ahead for an emergency with a few things you should keep in your vehicle. Road flares. If you've ev... More

Timing Belt Service to Save Big Bucks in Dexter

February 14, 2021

Your engine is like a finely choreographed dance. All the parts have to work together. If the timing is off at the ballet, dancers crash into each other and fall down. It the timing is off in your engine, it may not run at all. One of the most intricate dances in your engine has to do with the c... More

How Does Charlie's Fast Lube Dexter Know What to Recommend?

February 7, 2021

When you drop your vehicle off at Charlie's Fast Lube Dexter in Dexter, they don't just poke around under your hood looking for stuff to do. Charlie's Fast Lube Dexter professionals have lists and procedures they follow for different types of service. First of all, your Dexter service center will... More